How To Attend A Conference Virtually

I attended the Twitter 140 conference in Seattle today…well sort of. I wasn’t physically at the conference but I watched most of the speakers’ presentations via UStream.

How to Attend A Conference Virtually

If a conference broadcasts a live stream via UStream, it’s almost as good as being at the conference (or even better). You can comment on what the speakers are talking about and see what others are saying via Twitter in real time (which UStream integrates really well). If you want to network, you can interact with others on Twitter who are using the conference Twitter tag (#140tc) or you can attend the networking event after the conference or the after party which are often free.

I wonder if there is a website that tells you about all the upcoming conferences that will be broadcasting on UStream.

You can also view past presentations at conferences by searching UStream as well as YouTube and Vimeo or Google Video. These presentations are a great source for learning although it can be hard to sort through lots of content to find the cream at the top. I have a set of marketing talks at and Marketing Over Coffee has a great resource called Conference in a Box which is a set of good marketing presentations.

Ted is another great conference that puts up videos of most – if not all – of their presentations.

Photo by / CC BY 2.0