About Me

Hi! I’m a freelance SEO analyst/ SEO specialist¬†from Seattle, Washington.

I have previously worked for the US Army, Bank of America, Sparkplug Digital, Platinum Properties Investor Network, Cascade Healthcare Solutions, The Mortgage Reports, Nurse.org, and The Website Flip. I have also volunteered with the non-profit Operation Code.

I have experience with online marketing, SEO, blogging, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

You can reach me at csipe84(at)gmail.com, follow me on Twitter at @charlessipe, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I am always open to help out with questions or anything else.

I’m currently working on Ranked Blogs, a website that ranks the top blogs on different topics and displays the latest article from each blog so you can keep up with topics important to you.


“I worked with Charles on special projects spanning SEO, Paid Search, and custom reporting. I knew Charles to have a fierce desire to learn new things and an openness to cross-discipline cooperation. He is curious, honest and has rock-solid character and integrity, traits I wish were more common in today’s young workers. In the fast-paced industry we work in, where technologies, approaches and strategies can turn on a dime, we need people who can be flexible and adapt to the kinds of disruptions which happen so frequently. Charles is one of those people.”
James Hebdon, CTO & Co-founder of Paid Search Magic

“Charles is an incredible member of the web development community who brings a great deal of expertise and compassion to the field. He is very good with technology, showing a great deal of aptitude for learning new things and applying them immediately. He does quality research to solve problems and is able to produce good results on the fly. He is knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge with his peers. I have seen Charles be a great member of the community, providing support, guidance, and resources to classmates and colleagues. He enjoys networking with the community, too, participating in hackathons and conferences to build his skills and make new friends. I wholeheartedly recommend Charles as a team member on any web project.”
Shawn Rider, Application Engineering Manager at NVIDIA

“Charles is one of the most dedicated, smart, and kind individual that I have ever met. He has expert knowledge in SEO, web development, and web design. I had the pleasure of working closely with Charles and he always (and I mean always) exceed expectation and deliver on time. I am so impressed by how much time he set aside at perfecting his craft. He is constantly learning to skills so he is almost always ahead of the curve. I highly recommend Charles! Feel free to reach out to me directly if I can help answer any questions you might have about Charles.”
Young Truong, Senior Marketing Professional


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