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Frontline Documentary: How the Digital Revolution is Changing Society

This excellent documentary examines the positives and negatives of the digital revolution on society. In South Korea they have rehab schools for kids that are “addicted” to the internet. “The Korean government are taking an assertive approach to the addressing the social problems created by the net”. Here’s the link:

Cool Lego Matrix Video

There are a lot of great creative consumer generated videos made with Legos. According to Geeky Gadgets the Matrix Lego video below took 440 hours to make. There are probably thousands of these videos that produce millions of dollars worth of free marketing for Lego.

Leo Laporte’s Twit Network Makes $1.1 million Profit a Year

Leo Laporte, from the awesome This Week In Tech podcast, discusses the future of media. His internet tech shows makes revenues of about $1.5 million with about $350,000 in costs a year with venues doubling every year (he charges $70 CPMs). He says “advertisers are no longer intent with loosely engaged large audiences who may …

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