What the NBA Can Teach Business On What Not To Do

Former NBA star, Jalen Rose, wrote a good blog post on Mashable titled 5 Social Media Lessons the NBA Can Teach Business.

I left the following comment and Jalen Rose replied!

Jalen, the NBA may be doing a good job at leveraging social media but what about the fans that the NBA has disenfranchised and alienated. I’m talking about the thousands and thousands of former fans of the former Seattle Sonics, which had our team stolen by another city after 40 years of loyal devotion! The commissioner, David Stern, actively promoted moving the team. What does that teach businesses about how to treat their loyal customers?

The documentary SonicsGate shows just how much the NBA “cares” about its fans.

Jalen Rose:
i agree…my brother lived there for years…seattle deserves a team!

Check out SonicsGate.org for a great documentary on how Seattle had its NBA team stolen.