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Russell Wilson is an incredibly inspiring individual who we are lucky to have in Seattle. Numerous “experts” said he couldn’t be successful in the NFL because he was too short. The Pro Football Weekly 2012 Draft report on Russell Wilson stated “He has the arm, legs & smarts to grow into an effective backup.” However he believed in himself and through incredible drive and work ethic, he has become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and has won more games in his first two years than any other quarterback in history.

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Russell Wilson, Seahawks carry great expectations in 2013 Seattle Times

“By now, the stories of his work ethic and drive have entered a near hyperbolic status.

At Wisconsin, he carried a ring of note cards so when he had five minutes before an interview, he could study plays. When he talked with former NFL coach Jon Gruden on ESPN before the draft, he said he arrived at Wisconsin on July 1 and expected to learn the Badgers’ offense by July 21. “You know what?” former offensive coordinator Paul Chryst says. “He did.”

After an exhibition game at Kansas City last year, the Seahawks returned to the team’s facility in Renton in the early morning. While most players quickly headed for their cars, Wilson studied film for a couple hours as the equipment staff toiled away.”

Russell Wilson watching Seahawks game film day after loss SB Nation

“One of Wilson’s favorite sayings during the season was ‘the separation is in the preparation’ and judging by his actions on Monday, Wilson is already trying to separate himself for next season. He developed a reputation during his rookie season for how detailed he was in his preparation. Following games, Wilson would watch film of the next opponent and would place notes in the wide receivers’ lockers on Monday morning.”

“Every day my goal is, can I be better than I was yesterday?” –Russell Wilson

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson: Former professor on what he’s really like Seattle Times

“Seattle, you have something special in Russell Wilson. His recipe is simple: Hard work, respect, loyalty, a responsibility to others, and a seemingly unshakable faith. It’s not flashy, but it’s effective. I understand Russell and his wife, Ashton, make weekly visits to Seattle Children’s Hospital. That genuine love for others pours out of Russell Wilson. He’s not there out of obligation. He’s there because that’s the type of person he is. There is no pretense. There is no front.”

Russell Wilson Won’t Sleep Until the Seahawks Repeat Rolling Stone

“There’s little time for rest – Wilson gets by on five-or-six hours per night.

‘I train my body not to get much sleep; that way I can still be kind of aware during the week. I’m not suggesting people do it,’ he says. ‘And come game day, I’m just amped up. My body is more awake and aware and my instincts are really alive, so I think it helps me.'”

Beating the Odds CNN