October 2010 Tweets

  1. RT @UnMarketing Nooooooooooooooo! http://bit.ly/8Lt1TH Sun Oct 31 11:58:13 2010 via TweetMeme
  2. RT @panah: 4 Valuable Link Building Services http://ow.ly/2SxaJ for #SEO Fri Oct 29 03:00:11 2010 via txt
  3. Build new features that the press will pick up on -This Week in Startups Thu Oct 28 15:33:37 2010 via txt
  4. RT @SEOmom: SEOmoz is hiring a Customer Service Expert. Send cheerful, brilliant problem-solvers this way please! http://tinyurl.com/24e9tkn Thu Oct 28 14:50:57 2010 via txt
  5. ‘There is almost always a superior solution to the canonical tag from a pure SEO best practice perspective.’ -SEOMoz Thu Oct 28 13:26:56 2010 via web
  6. Dear LA: You already have The Lakers. How about sending The Clippers to Seattle? Wed Oct 27 22:22:06 2010 via txt
  7. RT @206sportsguy: #Seattle #SuperSonics fans not going away http://bit.ly/cLHUmR #nba #okc #thunder #sonics @Sonicsgate Wed Oct 27 14:53:33 2010 via txt
  8. Great ad! RT @JimKukral: Wieden + Kennedy advertising did the new Lebron ad. Tiger, you should have called them. I hate its brilliance… Wed Oct 27 14:35:42 2010 via txt
  9. 7 Free Online Lectures That Marketers Should Watch http://bit.ly/cHMrFF Wed Oct 27 10:44:04 2010 via TweetMeme
  10. RT @ChrisPirillo: A goal is a dream with a deadline. [Napoleon Hill] Wed Oct 27 00:11:10 2010 via txt
  11. What time are the Sonics playing? Oh yeah…crap. Tue Oct 26 23:46:17 2010 via web
  12. Now live RT @SMCSeattle: Not attending #SMCSea in person? Join us live online and hear from @Armano tonight: http://bit.ly/smcsealive Tue Oct 26 18:47:28 2010 via txt
  13. RT @mitchjoel: Google accounts for 6.4% of all Internet traffic (via @mashable): http://bit.ly/9f3LZZ Tue Oct 26 16:07:00 2010 via txt
  14. This is funny RT @KING5Seattle: Who saw Matt @Hasselbeck‘s surprise @SouthPark appearance? http://kng5.tv/cRjLGS #seahawks Mon Oct 25 18:13:21 2010 via txt
  15. ‘The reality is that you rarely need as much money or material items as you think you do.’ -Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5623771/ Mon Oct 25 15:25:00 2010 via web
  16. RT @Malbonnington: ‘Ten Reasons Why This Is The Best Time To Be In Advertising’ (ooops, just left), by Sir John Hegarty – http://j.mp/altCDA Mon Oct 25 14:49:15 2010 via txt
  17. RT @carriekrishnek: Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford” #fb Mon Oct 25 14:29:28 2010 via txt
  18. Just bought The Kindle version of Branding Basics for Small Business by Seattle author Maria Ross @redslice Mon Oct 25 13:22:21 2010 via txt
  19. The world doesn’t need more content. It needs more remarkable, definitive content. -YouMoz http://bit.ly/cqxSCv Mon Oct 25 12:19:05 2010 via web
  20. Great talk at Stanford about entrepreneurship by Mark Suster http://bit.ly/9mwJRG Sun Oct 24 19:38:39 2010 via web
  21. followfriday @dalailama Fri Oct 22 15:52:32 2010 via txt
  22. 4 Great Opportunities in SEO To Take Advantage Of http://bit.ly/cUZvRo Fri Oct 22 13:43:34 2010 via TweetMeme
  23. Top 10 Places in Seattle for Business Networking http://bit.ly/aVhH1q Thu Oct 21 16:14:39 2010 via TweetMeme
  24. Brandweek Mobile Ad Spend to Pass $1 Bil. http://bit.ly/chwDrV Thu Oct 21 07:14:42 2010 via twitterfeed Retweeted by Charlessipe and 6 others
  25. RT @carriekrishnek: Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford” #fb Thu Oct 21 03:12:05 2010 via txt
  26. 10 Principles Of Advertising – Bill Bernbach http://bit.ly/csoEIM Wed Oct 20 13:39:01 2010 via web
  27. Latest this American Life Podcast episode on Iraq was very interesting Wed Oct 20 13:09:21 2010 via txt
  28. If you liked The Social Network you will probably like the book, The Accidental Billionaires. It’s a terrific book. Wed Oct 20 12:21:39 2010 via txt
  29. RT @tferriss: Mood-enhancing video: Spanish footballer kisses interviewer after World Cup – http://su.pr/1Mcm2N I would, too. Wed Oct 20 03:04:00 2010 via txt
  30. RT @kazab: @PS_AMA MarketMix is March 9, 2011. Mark your calendars! Mon Oct 18 19:15:16 2010 via txt
  31. ‘Steve Jobs doesn’t believe in focus groups’ -This Week in Tech Podcast Mon Oct 18 19:04:52 2010 via txt
  32. RT @lyndit: The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers Mon Oct 18 16:47:59 2010 via txt
  33. 50+ Social Web Resources via Sparkplug Digital http://bit.ly/diqPlp Mon Oct 18 13:37:10 2010 via TweetMeme
  34. RT @PaulGAllen: Seahawks get great win over Bears on the road! Nice debut of “Beast Mode.” Congrats D & O lines, all the players,… Sun Oct 17 22:17:46 2010 via txt
  35. RT @forrestkoba: Wow! .05 will be donated for every single tweet mentioning #beatcancer #bwe10 (via @blogworldexpo) Sun Oct 17 22:14:26 2010 via txt
  36. Top 10 Places in Seattle for Business Networking http://bit.ly/dcsEcm Sun Oct 17 16:39:20 2010 via TweetMeme
  37. Great Win! @hasselbeck, @SeaHawk59, @Jforsett Go Hawks! Sun Oct 17 13:51:47 2010 via web
  38. 4 Ways To Turn Your Blog’s Traffic Into Dollars http://t.co/XZJFbGn via @rinf_community Fri Oct 15 00:59:18 2010 via Tweet Button
  39. ‘Sadly, it’s a myth that the best content earns top rankings’ -Rand Fishkin Wed Oct 13 18:41:16 2010 via txt
  40. Twitter now bigger than MySpace -Net at Night Wed Oct 13 17:52:38 2010 via txt
  41. RT @dannysullivan: FYI, @bing now claimes 1,000 ranking signals to @google‘s 200 – expect google to match in 3, 2, 1 http://selnd.com/9rLuyU Wed Oct 13 16:33:00 2010 via txt
  42. Study suggests that higher minimum wage does not reduce jobs http://bit.ly/9c22uw Tue Oct 12 23:01:22 2010 via web
  43. ‘In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story.’ -Jeff Bezos Tue Oct 12 20:39:13 2010 via web
  44. Transcript of Jeff Bezos speech at the 2010 Princeton graduation http://bit.ly/bc9Sju Tue Oct 12 20:35:57 2010 via web
  45. ‘More than half of web users will read blogs this year’ -The Continued Rise of Blogging – eMarketer http://bit.ly/b8yO0G Tue Oct 12 20:06:39 2010 via TweetMeme
  46. RT @portentint: 10 things to put in an SEO proposal: http://bit.ly/ceRFUG Tue Oct 12 16:37:33 2010 via txt
  47. RT @scobleizer On eve of Windows Phone 7 launch: all hat and no cattle? http://scoble.it/dpye89 Tue Oct 12 14:29:29 2010 via TweetMeme
  48. Google predicts users will save 5 seconds per search with Google instant -SEOmoz Mon Oct 11 12:27:01 2010 via txt
  49. RT @peterjamesfreer: Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. -Bill Gates Mon Oct 11 02:30:43 2010 via txt
  50. The Social Network is an attack on geeks and new media -This Week in Google Sun Oct 10 13:16:19 2010 via txt
  51. The expected final cost of $700 Billion Wall Street bailout has shrunk to about $50 billion. http://bit.ly/bxxJsq Sat Oct 9 22:38:26 2010 via web
  52. RT @kcgrammargirl: “Every tweet to your company is like a call to your call center. How can you not answer?” via @bsniz at #iabcsm Fri Oct 8 12:07:59 2010 via txt
  53. The Real Story Behind The Social Network, The Facebook Movie http://read.bi/9NVAVe Thu Oct 7 17:02:37 2010 via TweetMeme
  54. RT @sewatch 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies – Search Engine Watch (SEW) http://bit.ly/6h4Ov Wed Oct 6 12:19:01 2010 via TweetMeme
  55. RT @DrewFromTV: Congrats to the Sounders! US Open Cup Champs! 2-1 over Columbus! Whoop! #Sounders 11:44 AM Oct 6th via txt
  56. Google instant is an amazing feat of engineering. -This Week in Google 10:33 PM Oct 5th via txt
  57. Reading Marketing Lessons from The Grateful Dead and just bought Accidental Billionaires 4:26 PM Oct 5th via txt
  58. Now we just have to figure out how to get there @time Found: An Earthlike Planet, at Last http://bit.ly/9NnWvu 4:47 PM Oct 4th via web
  59. Great TED talk about mapping the brain’s connections by Sebastian Seung http://on.ted.com/8c3G 1:00 PM Oct 4th via web
  60. If you love to floss, using Superfloss is like heaven. 2:31 AM Oct 4th via txt
  61. neilpatel RT @robrammuny 28 Entrepreneurs give the advice they wish they had starting off http://bit.ly/cUhbrN 9:20 PM Oct 3rd via TweetMeme Retweeted by Charlessipe and 7 others
  62. RT @BanyanBranch: Congrats to @TOMSshoes for their one millionth shoe donation! http://www.toms.com/onemillion 10:00 PM Oct 3rd via txt
  63. ‘Sometimes the best pass is the one that is not thrown.’ This could also apply to tweets. 9:18 PM Oct 3rd via txt
  64. RT @avinash: [Brilliant life lessons:] 10 things I have learned by Milton Glaser: http://goo.gl/MfO9 5:33 PM Oct 3rd via txt
  65. Marketing Lessons from The Social Network http://bit.ly/9Qp8nB 3:11 PM Oct 3rd via TweetMeme
  66. Google is demand fulfillment while Facebook is demand generation. -BusinessWeek podcast 3:56 PM Oct 2nd via txt
  67. RT @LeeAnderson69: Less than 3% of Americans exercise the recommended 150 minutes per week as recommended by Centers for Disease Control … 3:58 PM Oct 1st via txt
  68. Xbox Live emailed me to say they are raising prices since they added features like Facebook and Last.fm. 11:56 AM Oct 1st via web
  69. @leolaporte Paul Allen doesn’t own the Supersonics. The Supersonics are now the Oklahoma City Thunder. 2:27 AM Oct 1st via txt
  70. Wow, The Social Network has a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 12:41 AM Oct 1st via txt