July 2010 Tweets

  1. iphone4Finally figured out how to use an FTP client to upload files to a hosted server. Good to know. Sat Jul 31 01:28:52 2010 via txt
  2. In a world of over abundant content creation, value will flow to the curator. -Jeff Jarvis on Peter Day’s Business World Fri Jul 30 11:04:03 2010 via web
  3. Wikipedia calculated that just edits equal hundreds of millions dollars of value per year. -Jeff Jarvis on Peter Day’s Business World Fri Jul 30 11:01:12 2010 via web
  4. “Did you consider ROI before you decided to be courteous to customers?” -Ian Lurie in Age of Conversation 3 Thu Jul 29 16:37:21 2010 via web
  5. Begin (social media measurement) by defining the business outcome metric -sales, brand awareness, preference, etc. -AgeofConversation3 Thu Jul 29 15:09:06 2010 via web
  6. Almost 80% of location-based service users are male. Close to 70% of them are between the ages of 19 and 35. –http://bit.ly/cqSflM Wed Jul 28 15:26:50 2010 via web
  7. Study Says Most Marketers Should Forgo Foursquare -AdAge http://bit.ly/cqSflM Wed Jul 28 15:24:02 2010 via web
  8. Just ordered a copy of The Art of SEO from Amazon. I’ve heard it’s excellent. Wed Jul 28 15:01:31 2010 via txt
  9. Just started reading The 24 Hour Customer which argues that time is one of your company’s biggest competitors for customers. Wed Jul 28 12:40:54 2010 via txt
  10. Our job is not to sell, it’s to help people buy. -@Jasonfalls quoting Chris Hauer Tue Jul 27 20:16:02 2010 via txt
  11. Have measurable objectives in your social media plan – paraphrasing @Jasonfalls #Smcsea Tue Jul 27 20:03:18 2010 via txt
  12. Call to actions in social media work -paraphrasing @Jasonfalls Tue Jul 27 19:40:15 2010 via txt
  13. @Jasonfalls presentation live stream RT @kazab Please join us on the live stream – http://bit.ly/smcsealive #SMCSea Tue Jul 27 19:23:52 2010 via txt
  14. At SMCseattle with social media legend @Jasonfalls Tue Jul 27 19:19:11 2010 via txt
  15. Only 42 percent of Americans report that they enjoy buying goods and services -The 24 Hour Customer Tue Jul 27 15:18:37 2010 via txt
  16. Thanks @johnjwall for the free copy of Linchpin. It pays to listen to the Marketing Over Coffee podcast! Mon Jul 26 13:02:38 2010 via web
  17. Looking forward to the Mad Men season 4 premier tonight. Sun Jul 25 13:51:48 2010 via web
  18. Marketing Takeaways from Delivering Happiness -via Cool Marketing Stuff http://bit.ly/9YdMWF Sat Jul 24 13:40:38 2010 via web
  19. What is your goal in life? Why? -Delivering Happiness Fri Jul 23 12:28:22 2010 via txt
  20. The Old Spice guy was briefly on the Seahawks according to Wikipedia (I don’t think he made the final roster). Thu Jul 22 14:39:33 2010 via txt
  21. On to season 3 of Mad Men. Have to admit I’m addicted. Full seasons on sale on iTunes for $10. Tue Jul 20 16:37:35 2010 via txt
  22. Great interview with Dan Miller on finding work that you love. http://bit.ly/bwmuae Tue Jul 20 15:44:32 2010 via web
  23. RT @jasonmkey Seattle peeps, hurry up a grab your @SMCSeattle ticket now. Almost sold out http://bit.ly/VEZXc #smcsea Mon Jul 19 19:30:59 2010 via web
  24. 5 Useful Social Media Infographics -via Sparkplug Digital http://bit.ly/dvhfRf Mon Jul 19 13:01:47 2010 via web
  25. Some sales are bad for business –http://bit.ly/bpn7DR Sun Jul 18 16:44:29 2010 via web
  26. Marketing Lessons Continue To Flow From Apple -from Branding Strategy Insider http://bit.ly/bpn7DR Sun Jul 18 16:41:23 2010 via web
  27. RT @tomasacker: Value beyond the product http://bit.ly/b06e9L Sun Jul 18 16:32:22 2010 via txt
  28. Checking out Grasshopper which seems like an valiable phone service for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Sun Jul 18 13:19:18 2010 via txt
  29. If you’re paying for a web analytics tool, you’e probably flushing money down the toilet. -paraphrasing Avinash Kaushik Sat Jul 17 13:39:43 2010 via web
  30. My blog coolmarketingstuff.com still only gets 1% of its search traffic from Bing. Does anyone get more than 10%? Thu Jul 15 17:35:32 2010 via txt
  31. @redslice: I haven’t read it yet but you might be able to find a case study in the book Beating The Commodity Trap Wed Jul 14 14:56:03 2010 via txt
  32. RT @webtrafficroi How to Convince Your Boss To Let You Start a Company Blog http://bit.ly/bEOsTK Wed Jul 14 10:45:17 2010 via TweetMeme
  33. Lord_Voldemort7 As far as “cups” go #gobletoffire > #worldcup. The world cup isn’t even a cup. #Fail Sat Jul 10 14:30:59 2010 via web Retweeted by you and 100+ others
  34. Major flaw in iStock subscriptions. You get 10 daily credits but most good illustrations cost 14 credits. Why? #fail Tue Jul 13 15:22:17 2010 via web
  35. @JasonmKey I think Mad Men is a good but not great show, but it gets added points for being about advertising. Tue Jul 13 14:45:51 2010 via web in reply to JasonmKey
  36. Sonics fans win class action lawsuit against Clay Bennett and friends http://bit.ly/90bm2A Tue Jul 13 14:10:37 2010 via web
  37. Constantly question your goals and life purpose. -Zen Habits Tue Jul 13 01:07:23 2010 via web
  38. RT @GuyKawasaki: 97 out of 100 scientists believe in climate change http://u.nu/4g23d Mon Jul 12 22:15:20 2010 via txt
  39. Just finished the 1st season of Mad Men. Some good marketing lessons sprinkled in. Mon Jul 12 17:24:01 2010 via web
  40. Only about 1 in 10 people can fake a Duchenne smile (a real smile) – Paul Bloom http://bit.ly/9Yx8QM Mon Jul 12 14:17:38 2010 via web
  41. My review of Open Leadership by @CharleneLi. http://bit.ly/aD5z2H A lot of good ideas and action plans. Sun Jul 11 23:20:23 2010 via web
  42. Yea! Just finished Open Leadership, a good book about making companies more open and collaborative with social media. Sat Jul 10 23:51:44 2010 via web
  43. RT @Zappos Great opportunities lie in doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Sat Jul 10 23:43:02 2010 via web
  44. Timeless fundamentals of effective advertising-simple, emotional, consistent -@simonmainwaring Sat Jul 10 02:59:40 2010 via txt
  45. @JasonmKey Yes! Mixergy interview with Rand Fishkin was very inspiring Fri Jul 9 18:03:19 2010 via txt
  46. Starting Jul 12 you can register to attend Seahawks training camp! http://bit.ly/cjlFki #seahawks Fri Jul 9 10:40:33 2010 via web
  47. Reading Delivering Happiness. It’s biographical but still pretty interesting. Thu Jul 8 12:49:42 2010 via txt
  48. Great @randfish interview at Mixergy! Hurry, it will probably go behind pay wall soon. http://bit.ly/8YtKW0 Wed Jul 7 15:14:48 2010 via web
  49. Do you own your Tweets? You do if you copy them into blog posts! http://bit.ly/ctgfoM Wed Jul 7 02:15:14 2010 via web
  50. It boggles my mind that Marty McFly went to today’s date in the future – and there are no flying cars. Tue Jul 6 19:29:14 2010 via txt
  51. This is a great illustrated presentation – David Harvey Crisis of Capitalism- http://bit.ly/cbAmGC Tue Jul 6 17:07:34 2010 via web
  52. @portentint My suggestion is have a cool cover designed. You could post a design contest on 99designs. Also review copies for bloggers Tue Jul 6 16:21:32 2010 via web in reply to portentint
  53. Great Scott!! briancrouch: RT @girlandcoconut: Today’s the day Marty McFly arrives back to the future y’all. http://yfrog.com/j8idyp Tue Jul 6 14:27:14 2010 via txt
  54. My marketing agency helped on this iPad giveaway campaign – check it out! http://bit.ly/aYzVod Tue Jul 6 12:49:24 2010 via web
  55. Social media can strengthen relationships and this is valuable although it is hard to measure. -via Open Leadership Tue Jul 6 01:40:48 2010 via txt
  56. @JasonmKey: Thanks! I will try to share some more good SEO nuggets at www.sparkplugdigital.com/blog Sat Jul 3 20:38:14 2010 via txt
  57. @tonyadam: That would be an amazing team but Lebron, @DWADEOFFICIAL and @chrisbosh will be signing with the Seattle Sonics. Sat Jul 3 16:44:15 2010 via txt
  58. Single most profitable IT product in history: laser jet printer -SMB Austin 45min mark http://bit.ly/dogFMf Sat Jul 3 13:47:37 2010 via web
  59. Ha, ha, I meant to send that last tweet to a friend, but it also works for Twitter. Fri Jul 2 21:20:08 2010 via txt
  60. Are there any movies you prefer? Fri Jul 2 21:00:41 2010 via txt
  61. Is it Video Killed the Radio Star? @jshuey: What was the first video played on MTV? #trivia 5:52 AM Jul 2nd via txt
  62. It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure. -Clay Shirky 2:59 AM Jul 2nd via web
  63. RT @sparkplugonline Ask how you can leverage Twitter to do things you already have to do for your business – paraphrasing Laura 2:37 AM Jul 2nd via web
  64. Listen to first third of The Little Big Things by Tom Peters for Free! http://bit.ly/92LIKN 2:48 AM Jul 1st via web