52 Book Challenge Results

I read fewer books in 2011 than the previous year and finished with 14.

Books read in 2011:
-The Hunger Games
-Search Engine Optimization Secrets
-Start with Why
-Poke the Box
-Opportunity Screams
-The Happiness Advantage
-4 Hour Work Week Expanded
-Content Rules
-The Art of Non-Conformity
-New Rules of Marketing and PR
-Marketing in the Age of Google

I didn’t quite reach my goal of reading 52 books in 2010. But I did read 23 very good books. I will try again in 2011.

Books read in 2010:
-The Art of Non-Conformity
-Branding Basics for Small Business
-The Accidental Billionaires
-Marketing Lessons from The Grateful Dead
-Word of Mouth Marketing
-Upside of Irrationality
-The Referral Engine
-The 24-Hour Customer
-Delivering Happiness
-Open Leadership
-Six Pixels of Separation
-Flip the Funnel
-What the Dog Saw
-Crush It
-The Blind Side
-The Road
-The Next Evolution of Marketing
-The Lost Symbol

My favorite book of the year was probably Accidental Billionaires.